Smart Host

Business Cloud Computing

Omega Systems’ Smart Host private cloud solution is a fully-equipped, maintenance-free alternative to the traditional in-house IT environment so you no longer need to make large investments in rapidly depreciating hardware. Omega Systems’ private cloud solution reduces your financial liability by eliminating large capital purchases and unpredictable maintenance costs to a manageable, fixed-cost solution.

Adopting a grow-as-you-go platform, based on IaaS (Information as a Service), Smart Host is scaled to fit the pace of your business.loud solution reduces your financial liability by eliminating large capital purchases and unpredictable maintenance costs to a manageable, fixed-cost solution.

A project manager is with you from beginning to end as we virtualize your environment within the framework of the Cloud.  Be assured that you have made a wise move and will stay current with best-in-class hardware and software capabilities, as well as business continuity and multiple levels of security, all above the industry standard. Smart Host is the winning move, keeping your IT infrastructure, functionality and accessibility ahead of the competition.

Top 5 Reasons to Host with Omega Systems:

  • Dramatically Reduce IT Costs: Industry TCO models consistently describe 40%+ savings with a hosted IT infrastructure as compared to an owned and self-operated approach.
  • Gain Technical & Business Flexibility: As an IT infrastructure provider, Omega Systems has the ability to scale IT requirements up and down based on consumption in our “grow as you go” model. This provides flexibility that simply cannot be achieved in a non-hosted environment.
  • Reduce Business Risk: With Omega’s IT hosting solutions your company gains focused attention and a higher level of expertise on essential business functions. This consequently reduces your risk and increases your ability to consistently perform IT functions with an appropriate proficiency level.
  • Sharpen Focus & Improve Competitiveness: With your IT infrastructure in the hands of a trusted provider, your organization is in a new and improved position to funnel more of its attention toward advancing its strategic business goals.
  • Redundancy, Robustness & Resiliency: A hosted IT infrastructure is only as good as it is reliable. Omega’s hosting infrastructure leverages hardware, software, Internet and electrical redundancy to all but eliminate downtime. This continues to maintain enterprise robustness and scales according to the on-demand requirements of our customers.

At Omega Systems, we specialize in professionally maintaining our Data Center and hardware to reduce costs and increase capabilities for Smart Host customers.  We maintain yearly SSAE 16 AT 101 SOC 2 certification, ensuring your data is properly handled in a professionally controlled and regulated environment.