Smart Support

  • How can we help you?
    Omega Systems' Smart Support offerings raise the bar in IT support by reducing the need to over-allocate in- house resources. The boutique-style support platform provides our customers with options to select a technology support solution that aligns with their business strategies. All customizable solution offerings provide proactive support while delivering uncompromised quality, reliability and personalized service. Packages can include:

    • Anti-virus/Anti-Malware Scanning, Updates &Virus Quarantine
    • Operating System Patching & Updates
    • Device Health Reporting 
    • Unlimited Remote Support
    • Global Software Installs
    • Project Manager
    • Unlimited Onsite Support
    • Network Monitoring & Reporting
    • Existing Equipment Replacement Service Coverage

  • Further Customize Your Smart Support Solution with Add-On Services
    Third Party App Care and MDM (Mobile Device Management) are available "Add-On" services to fortify your network with preventative protection.

    Third Party App Care (with seamless integration) is a preventative maintenance tool that guards 3rd party applications such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Firefox, Java, Google Chrome, Safari, Thunderbird, iTunes, QuickTime & Skype from malware vulnerabilities. Adding Omega Systems' Third Party App-Care simplifies the patch process with automatic updates.

    • Seamlessly Integrate Patching Capabilities to Applications
    • Close Security Holes
    • Correct Problems
    • Improve Product Functionality
    • Guard Against Attacks

    MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a preventative maintenance tool that safeguards against mobile device vulnerability in the workplace. Adding Omega Systems' MDM service protects employee and company-owned mobile devices by providing device security and service, while implementing necessary policies and procedures for adequate management and control.  

    • Enroll All Employee & Company-Owned Mobile Devices
    • Configure & Apply Corporate Settings for Exchange
    • Configure & Enforce Security & Corporate Policies
    • Instantly Lock or Wipe Mobile Device in the Event of Theft or Loss
    • Ensure IT Network Security